Students arrive at the academy with varying degrees of success in the classroom and varying backgrounds—some urban and some rural. For many, the textbook-only approach has dampened the wonder and interest of new discovery. In order to inspire curiosity, while motivating and preparing students for the challenges of the 21st century, Providence Christian Academy incorporates beyond-the-classroom learning opportunities.  Providence 360 expands and intensifies the academy’s unique tutorial-mentorship model to integrate and enhance student learning in all subject areas with connections to real-world realities—beyond mere physical education and beyond the typical field trip.


Throughout their Providence 360 experience, students will:

  • be actively engaged

  • reflect with discernment on the knowledge gained

  • use analytical skills to apply their experiences

  • demonstrate decision-making and problem-solving skills

  • gain real-world competencies within various chosen disciplines


25 FEB

CVSM Keyboarding

11 MAR

CVSM Keyboarding







25 MAR

CVSM Keyboarding

Music Theory and Singing


In addition to our collaboration with Cumberland Valley School of Music for keyboarding lessons, our music instructor Mrs. Judi Noyes provides weekly instruction. Students often visit local nursing homes to bless residents with singing. The students to the left are performing at Quincy after a visit to their model railroading display. 

Visual Arts - Block Print


Students at Providence pursue a wide range of exemplary visual arts instruction, led by Mrs. Robyn Fitzpatrick and Mr. Elton Hannaman. The art example to the right is from a former student Simon  Nicklas as completed in his 8th grade at Providence. Simon is an avid fisherman who enjoyed our Providence 360 outdoor adventure. 



Performing Arts - Reading Theater


Mrs. Nancy Hussack, Mr. Mike Hussack, and Mrs. Wanda Johnson have combined at Providence to teach Reading Theater, a combination of reading instruction, singing, and theater performance. The students in grades K through 3, with logistical help from older students, meet each Wednesday afternoon to learn and rehearse. They blessed many with their production of an adaptation of Pilgrim's Progress, the classic John Bunyan allegory of the Christian life.  They performed this in various nursing homes and at our annual prayer-service retreat at the Nancy Peckman Lodge. Many thanks to the Hussacks and Mrs. Johnson for this excellent instruction. 

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